This Design Trend is Making a Comeback!

What image conjures up in your mind when you think of wallpaper? Flashbacks to Grandma's house? Maybe, it reminds you of a time you spent hours and hours scraping floor to ceiling putrid yellow dated wallpaper that was busy enough to knock you off your step stool. 

Wallpaper used to be a turn off and decades went by where no one wanted to bother with it. However, with new creative options (besides the ole sponge and water bucket routine) wallpaper has made a glamorous comeback!

Feature walls have become a popular way to add texture and visual interest to any room. If you're hesitant about using wallpaper, try a feature wall. It requires less time and money; not to mention effort to remove it if you change your mind in couple of years. 

Bold patterns tend to look cleaner as a feature wall, paired with a wainscoting or chair-rail. No need for floor to ceiling busy patterns. 

If you're currently renting or not quite ready to commit to wallpaper, there are also some nice peel and stick or decal options. Check out Rocky Mountain Decals they have some really beautiful options with loads of feminine flair! 

My daughters room has a very odd shape, it contains a dormer and the ceiling is sloped. It makes the room feel small. However, I applied this wallpaper on the tallest wall in her nursery which draws the eye up and made the room feel bigger. This was the week we brought her home...she just turned ONE! Someone hold me!


This wallpaper is from Anthropologie. It's quite expensive which is one reason I only did a half wall, the lower half is board and batten....oh and I bought it when it was 20% off!

If you're growing tired of a space try sprucing it up with wallpaper. Below are examples of great uses from wallpaper. If you're thinking of selling and would like expert advice on how to prepare your home, drop me an email.  It would be my pleasure to serve you. I hope you've gained some inspiration, thank you for reading!